Fire Up! The Summit – HG Nelson & Billy Birmingham


Fire Up! The Summit.


Not since Ali met Frazier in The Fight Of The Century at Madison Sq Garden in ’71 have 2 titans of one field come together, but in this circumstance, for the very first time ever!


Think Barnsey v Farnham, Chaplin v Keaton, Warhol v Lichtenstein, Nietzsche v Kant,  Geyer v Wally.

Sport/Comedy Big Game Day. Friday 19th September 2014 presented by Fire Up! In conjunction with fbi productions.


In the red corner weighing in at 8 #1 albums, and a tidy #1 in Australiana….. Billy Birmingham aka ‘The 12th Man’ parody merchant personified.


In the blue corner weighing in at 22 yrs as one half of the National Film and Sound Archive acclaimed ‘This Sporting Life’, Olympic darling from ‘The Dream’  …. HG Nelson 5/8 to Salvador Dali’s half back.


The Everest & K2 of sport comedy, finally bump uglies, coming together is to make sense of a season where rugby league found itself lurching from bushfire to bushfire, unable to find time to set its controls for the heart of a new redeeming sun. And to give their tips for the Premiers.


Ferris & Gale will fulfil the support duty of spittle mopping.